Movoto’s AI Tech Keeps Getting Smarter… Introducing Social Sphere.

You’ve heard the saying: Work smarter, not harder. Our agents are already working hard, so Movoto is doing everything we can to make the Agent App work smarter for them. Thanks to our new Social Sphere feature, the app makes it even easier for agents to connect with their inner circle and spread their influence to their wider network of loved ones.

Social Sphere Client Connections Movoto Profile

With Social Sphere, agents can share listings and map searches anywhere that you can share links. Their agent profile will be prominently featured with each share, increasing their visibility to not only their own circle of friends, but to friends of friends as well.  

“The idea of Social Sphere is to help agents tap into the viral power of their social network,” explains Arthi Vijayaraghavan, Movoto’s Head of Agent Experience. “From those social promotions, if a client clicks on the agent’s custom link to Movoto, they will see a photo and information about the agent who promoted the link. Any client connection generated from the share will be sent directly to the agent.”

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Vijayaraghavan, who was at the center of developing this new tool, explains that agents wanted an easy way to promote their presence on Movoto, a national website with millions of inventory. When the agent wants to share a listing or a map search that features their listings, they can seamlessly generate a personalized link, which they can share easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, via email—anywhere where you can share a link. When a user clicks that link, they’re given a direct entryway to connect with the agent who shared it. “This is the first tool that gives agents the ability to generate leads from their social sphere on a national website,” she adds.  

Social Sphere isn’t the only way the Agent App works smarter for agents. Movoto is proudly utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make the app continue to work for them. “We are using AI to suggest the most effective times for agents to connect with their clients to nurture and convert them,” Vijayaraghavan says.  

For potential clients, uses machine learning to send the most relevant property recommendations to them via browser notifications. Using their behavior data and recommendation emails on relevant properties, the technology is able to learn what a user wants.  

These features and more are just some of the ways Movoto is working smarter for agents so they don’t have to work as hard.