Introducing The New Movoto.

Movoto is changing the future of real estate, focusing on agents who are building their own brands in today’s digital world.

When Movoto was founded in 2005, the goal was to Make Real Estate Easy for agents who were navigating a rapidly changing industry. We began by quickly connecting our network of partner agents to customers looking to buy or sell a home. Eventually, we grew this program to over 3,500 agents in the United States who prided themselves in providing exceptional service.

In the face of this exponential growth, Movoto wanted to make the client-agent connection even stronger and become a more reliable lead generation and client relationship business. At the time, many competitors were banking on being solely a strong lead generation service. However, having already established ourselves as experts in this arena, we wanted to set Movoto apart and get back to the core of real estate—the relationships. We knew we needed to do more for the modern agent.

Today, Movoto is committed to providing a better agent experience and building the future of real estate. Built upon years of industry-leading service, client connections, AI-backed technology tools, transaction support, and up-to-date property data, our mission is rooted in the same principle, but has evolved to meet the needs of agents in this changing industry. We have built a platform that allows our users to offer more personalized service, build their own brand, expand their business with easy to use tools, and focus on what matters most—their clients.