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When we were founded, Movoto built and perfected our vetted lead generation system. Movoto is still committed to these roots—working with the best and brightest agents and only connecting them to clients who are ready to take the next step. Movoto Brokerage Select Program agents receive the lead generation support and client connections that are foundational to our business.

As one of the top five real estate search platforms in the U.S., we are still the first stop for thousands of people who are eager to buy or sell a home. Once a consumer submits a query about a property, our team contacts them to make sure they are ready to move forward with their purchase or sale. If they are still in an early exploratory phase, we continue to nurture them internally until they’re ready to speak to an agent. If a client is a viable lead, we connect them instantly with the top five agents who are the right fit based on our proprietary algorithm. You only receive leads that fit your criteria for clients and you get the final word on whether to accept a lead or not.

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While no brokerage can guarantee a set number of leads, Movoto’s goal is to assist our agents in closing one to two more transactions per quarter. Just four additional transactions per year at an average price point of $500,000 can bring up to $50,000 in additional gross commissions per year—enough to change the trajectory of your business. Plus, our agents often see more than two additional closings per quarter after joining Movoto. Coupled with the cost savings of our 100% commission split, you have the funds to reinvest into building a strong, lasting business.

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